Our Expertise

Basing on the versatility ad excellence of which we display, our tarjet is to be able to offer solutions for all kinds of commercial facilities with products exhibition.
Adapt the different models of commercial equipment to the idea that you, as seller, have for your establishment as for form, quipment format and ended of the same one, it is our challenge as company. Definitively, we do of your facilities a place with self-identity.

Exdal Experiencia

EXDAL counts on facilities located in the locality of Humanes of Madrid, only to 25 km of Madrid.There is centralized so much the administration department as the factory of preparation of our products. All it supported by the department of commercial equipment design. We counted, in addition, on a space qualified for the exhibition to our more representative products as well as a representation of the equipment designed for several of our clients, which serves as it shows of the versatility and adaptability that the EXDAL designs have based on the necessities and the type of commercial installation for which they have been made


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