Other Products

In the previous sections we have mentioned some of the products that we frequently carry out such as: Commercial exhibitors, Commercial Furniture, PLV and Blister Guard.

Apart from these products of which we are specialized and therefore we have a wide variety, we also have availability of other products that, like the previous ones, have the purpose of exhibiting and that the product that you want to exhibit obtains the best presence and results appetizing for the client.

All the products we make are made of metal, rod, wire, sheet or tube. These materials provide an impeccable state to the products with the passage of time in addition to resistance so there will be no problem to expose heavy products. Some of the ones we usually manufacture in EXDAL can be:

Panel of slats: they offer the maximum functionality as far as presentation of products in store is concerned. There are many hangers, brackets and bars that can be attached to the slat panel.
Perforated panel: It has the same functionality as the louver panel, being able to insert a multitude of accessories for the exhibition of the products. It is very frequented in the hardware store.
Shelves, Shelves and Metal Baskets: They are introduced in any panel where its function is to hold the products and keep them tidy.
Shelves: They have the possibility of introducing different metal modules creating a customized distribution.
Hangers, Bars and Hooks of different types (single, double, with balls …)
… And a long etcetera.


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