In Exdal we are specialists in the manufacture and design of furniture for perfumeries and drug stores. We know that in this sector the presentation of articles and perfumes is very important, that is why we have expert designers that will adapt to the needs of the client. The objective is that the perfumery is attractive and that the leading role is acquired by the products on display.

The products sold in these stores are mainly aimed at personal care and aesthetics. Therefore, these places have to show a pleasant image and create a sense of well-being for the person inside. At this time, the composition of the store, the design and where each product is placed are of great importance.

At present it is very likely to find establishments in which there is a wide range of different products: hygiene or cleaning products, perfumes and beauty products among others. Due to the above, it is advisable to study the furniture previously depending on the product that will be exhibited in it.

The most frequent furniture in this type of establishments is usually shelves and exhibitors since they are the best to guarantee the protection of the products and those that generate the greatest profitability.


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